Our company in Cape Town focuses on supplying developments with short term rental  furniture packs. Over the years of doing this two things have become very evident and stand out. 

  1. There is a direct correlation between a well thought out furniture pack,decor and feel to your occupancy, bookings and thus revenue. The take away here is do not skimp at the last hurdle! Make sure your budget when looking at buying your investment property includes a portion that will go towards your furniture & decor. This is an investment and it will pay you back!
  2. In saying the above – The second takeaway is clients OVER furnish their spaces. As important as it is to create a welcoming and beautiful space, you can do this smartly. Stick to a basic furniture layout. 

Here are some tips we have learnt over the years that we use as a guide:

Prioritise Comfort. Ensure that your Airbnb is furnished with comfortable and functional furniture, including a quality mattress

Do embrace a colour palette or theme that is timeless and universal. You want to appeal to the mass and not select individuals 

Stay away from breakable fragile items. Vases, Ceramics, silks – All beautiful but will end up costing you money as they will break and you will have to replace them. Rather opt for more robust decor pieces. 

My favourite saying, “buy cheap, buy twice” rings true here over and over. Spend a bit more on your items that get a lot of use. Couch, bed, chairs. This will save you money in the long run. 

If budgets are tight – Create a functional floor plan and stick to it. Do not get tempted to buy the extra scatter cushion that you do not need. It all adds up. 

Wear and tear can make your property look old and tired. So when choosing your furniture or your softs look for items that are easy to clean and easy to look after. Go for fibre guard materials, non porous surfaces that do not hold dirt and slip covers that can be taken off and cleaned.

For your inner – Pillow and duver – Rather go for a microfiber and not a feather. They are more affordable and come with more pros for short term rental. 

Do not take your own pictures for your listing – hire a photographer. This is so important. These need to look professional. 

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